Neuland offers a great variety of markers. There are small ones, big ones, thin or thick nibs, many different colors, water-based and alcohol-based ink. Today, I’d like to give you an overview. 🙂 All the best, your Neuland trainee Julian

About this project

We wanted to know what we actually have in common with our trainees. Are there certain topics or products they are as passionate about as we are? In our new series “Neuland newbees present” we share a trainee’s blog post every month. This time, Julian will give you a little overview on Neuland’s marker range.

The stars

Every marker has its individual features and, therefore, different fields of application. But today, I’ll only talk about the markers you use to write on paper, as these are the ones I’m using the most. The Neuland No.One® and the Neuland BigOne® are probably the best known markers. While the BigOne is perfect for large headings on FlipCharts or GraphicWalls, the No.One is used on all kinds of different formats. These two markers may differ in size but they have a lot in common, too, such as the wedge nib, ergonomic finger grooves and the roll stop that prevents them from rolling off the table.

But there’s more about the No.One! The Neuland No.One® Art has a brush nib that makes your letterings look like they’re written with watercolors. And the No.One is available in a Metallic version as well. This means that the ink has a metallic visual effect on the viewer (my personal favorite).

The new ones

The Neuland TwinOne® is really cool. With this marker you can switch between chisel and brush nib in seconds. And if that weren’t enough, it can even be modified, which means you can choose your favorite nibs out of the two standard nibs, a round nib and a flat chisel nib.

Thanks to the Neuland FineOne®, our marker range is now 100% refillable. So, you don’t need to throw away any markers anymore, ’cause the ink can be refilled and the nibs replaced. The FineOne is available as Sketch 0.5 in different colors, or in black with line widths from 0.1 mm to 0.7 mm. And it’s also available as art marker with a brush nib. The best is yet to come: The FineOne, too, has a Metallic version. Those who like this effect as much as I do should definitely try the Neuland FineOne® Metallic!

Black = black?

Not at all! Many ask themselves what’s the difference between the colors 100 and 010. It’s simple. The 100 is our black standard ink so to speak. For strong lines that don’t smudge we’ve got special Outliners as they are filled with black, water-based permanent ink (010). And there’s an Outliner for every marker type, so you get them in every size and with every nib as well. Plus: Even when you use colors to draw over the lines, they won’t smear. But which ink is alcohol-based? This would be our Estatics markers then. They are also only available in black but these are special markers for our Estatics.

Pssst: You can now even get the BigOne, No.One, No.One Art and FineOne imprinted! Find out more about your personalized markers here. 🙂