The KIPPIT and the INFINITABLE® are true experts in adapting to their environment. As they are easy to handle and lightweight, they are perfect for multifunctional work. Read more to find out why. All the best, your Neuland trainee Daniel 🙂

About this project

We wanted to know what we actually have in common with our trainees. Are there certain topics or products they are as passionate about as we are? In our new series “Neuland newbees present” we share a trainee’s blog post every month and our dear Daniel explains why he loves the KIPPIT and INFINITABLE®.

The KIPPIT’s short version can be used as seat and table.

Multifunctional work?

Damn right! We want to support our customers developing themselves and working multifunctionally. Our products don’t need much storage space, they can be adapted to flexible settings and are easy to carry. The KIPPIT, for instance, only weighs 15.5 kg and its longer version only 3 kg more.

Both KIPPIT and INFINITABLE® offer great potential for transformations in different settings. Our KIPPIT turns from a bench into a table, or even a desk with a height of 111.5 cm, with a flick of the wrist. And the INFINITABLE® is just as flexible. You can use it as a table and visualization board with continuous paper for brainstormings.

Particularly convenient: If you want to form a row of tables, you can attach an INFINITABLE® PLUS, which has only one leg. This way, we use less valuable resources and it gets even lighter. But you can still use this version as a visualization board.

Visualization board and table all in one – the INFINITABLE®

High-quality structure

No compromise on quality – Both KIPPIT and INFINITABLE® are manufactured sustainably and made of high-quality materials. We use lumber-core plywood from the cottonwood tree, which is known for its light and sturdy material. Details such as protected edges and leather straps on the bottom of the legs make it more comfortable to use and transport.

Award-winning design

Both pieces of furniture are timeless, modern and elegant. Our KIPPIT even received the German Design Award 2020 in the category Excellent Product Design, Furniture.

Pssst: The KIPPIT won’t be available on a permanent basis but only while stocks last!