Starting something new is difficult but it doesn’t have to be. I want to share some tips and tricks that helped me start my Bullet Journal. 😉 Best wishes, your Neuland trainee Melli

About this project

We wanted to know what we actually have in common with our trainees. Are there certain topics or products they are as passionate about as we are? In our new series “Neuland newbees present” we share a trainee’s blog post every month. Our dear Melli breaks the first ground and shows you how to start your own Bullet Journal.

First steps

When you open your new Bullet Journal you’ll first see an empty book in front of you. At the beginning, I recommend designing a cover page. In my journal I wrote “Bullet Journal by _____” and the year I started it, put some stickers next to it and that’s all you need. I got a lot of ideas and inspiration from the Themed Worlds page in Neuland’s online shop, the internet and on pinterest from others that share their journals.

Here I collect English words I’ve learned.

After I designed my cover page, I numbered all pages (if I counted correctly, our BulletProof has 254 pages) and created an index page. There I write down which pages I created and where to find them.

My Bullet Journal

After creating the cover page and index you can literally add ANYTHING YOU WANT. It just depends on what you want to use your Bullet Journal for. I mostly use it to shortly write down what happened at the end of every day. For this purpose, I use a weekly calendar but you can also use a yearly or monthly calendar.

Surely it will scare off some people with the idea of pre-drawing all of this for a year – myself included. That’s why I prepare my weekly calendar on Saturdays or Sundays, or at the start of a month for four weeks. This also allows me to add any daily entries that I forgot.

So tracke ich jeden Tag (oder jede Nacht) meinen Schlaf.

Ideas for your Bullet Journal

A Bullet Journal, as the name implies, can be used very well for organizing ones tasks and appointments with bullet points. Not only can you track your appointments, but also other aspects of life. You can, for instance, use a “sleep log”, in which you can record the time you went to bed and woke up.

Some more ideas for your Bullet Journal:

  • Important quotes
  • Hydration tracker
  • Meal ideas
  • Creative space
  • “When did I last…?”
  • Gift ideas
  • Notes

The right material

At the beginning, it’s sufficient to have one black FineOne Sketch for writing. Add some colorful FineOne Sketch or Art and No.One with a wedge nib and there you have your basic marker equipment. Make sure to get matching colors as you can then combine them in different ways and you will still have a consistent journal. But Neuland also offers a BulletJournal Kit. This not only includes the BulletProof, which I use, but also some neat stickers and a couple of markers.