October 2013: The great results produced from a Training Lab held earlier in the year became the starting point for the advanced bikablo® workshop featuring Visual Storytelling hosted by Neuland at their Facilitator’s Training camp in Eichenzell, Germany.

Stories inspire and share knowledge in a unique way


We specially developed new figures for the picture story-telling session, and worked them into the dynamic landscape depicting a tail of tragic and victorious heroes. On the second day the creative work lead nicely into a hands on experience for the participants in the “learning partner shops”, where they visually talked about their challenges and successes. This unearthed many moments of surprises, strengths and inspiring images!


What the participants said about “Visual Storytelling”:

As always the “Neuland spirit” splashed over onto the participants. A creative and appreciative atmosphere from the diverting and interesting workshops that was rich in substance all whilst in a lovely conducive environment. During break and lunch times we had the opportunity to network and chat with Guido Neuland. I love to come to Eichenzell, and have the experience to work with and learn from the Kommunikationslotsen which is wonderful privilege for all of us who want to sharpen our skills. I really appreciate that there is an opportunity to take part in multilevel professional workshops for us to all continue to learn!

Stefan Köhler

Business Management Training

The workshop filled my toolbox for more effective communication in the technical oriented business that I work in. I uses these techniques to design internal workshops and workshops about Lean Management, Agile Development and Design Thinking. Examples might be seen at: http://www.slideshare.net/hildenbrand

Dr. Tobias Hildenbrand, Senior Development Project Consultant
Company Software Development, SAP AG

Training at the Top Level! The Kommunikationslotsen are always able to impart methods and techniques of visualization that bring life to what would mostly be monotonous text based presentations and make them easier to understand.

Andreas Skala
City Government Ravensburg

The Visual Workshops of the Kommunikationslotsen are always a spring of inspirations and one of my personal workshop highlights. The professional atmosphere at Neuland makes it easy to work and learn with their fantastic materials in an appealing environment. I always take away lots of good ideas for my work as a consultant and coach and I think it’s fantastic to see what kind of progression I can make with my visual work.

Heike Heeg, Consultant & Coach

More about the Kommunikationslotsen and their workshops: www.kommunikationslotsen.de