These news are upsetting: our Refill Inks for the Whiteboard and SlickyOne markers are leaving our product range. The reason for this is the EU regulation 1272/2008.
According to this regulation alcohol-based ink is classified as „dangerous goods“. That means it must be packed, stored and transported with special effort.




On one side you might think this is a little exaggerated – after all nothing serious happened than just having some dirty fingers when refilling your markers (and only if you do it wrong ;-)) – but on the other side there is the regulation we have to comply with. What that means for us are high expenses for an insured transport which we don’t wish to impose on you or us.

Our part is now to look for a solution how to refill the Whiteboard and SlickyOne markers in future. Be sure that we stick to the idea of the refill process as it’s still environmentally and economical!

By the way: All reserved orders will be definitely shipped out. The markers are fortunately not affected as the felt holds the ink safe inside. We are about to keep up with an alternative. Promise!