The soft pastels are an ideal accompaniment tool for any graphic facilitator or visual practitioner. This innovation from the US offers the user a wide variety of colors for easily covering large visuals and drawings, whilst adding in interesting texture.




Available Online

We have product tested the PanPastel® ourselves and they are a hit with our trainers! The smooth creamy texture goes on effortlessly without losing its richness in color and doesn’t bring up loose powder dust; which is a common issue with other chalk brands.


Variety of Applications


A wide assortment of application tools have been designed to give you a lots of options when using the PanPastel® on paper. From the assorted-shaped sponges and applicators; they will meet every visual challenge. The large soft sponges are ideal for coloring larger areas and the applicator knives with different-shaped sponge heads will work perfectly for more precise details.


Apply PanPastel® Colors Like Paint


The professional artists’ grade pigments have 4 times more coverage than the traditional chalk sticks.


Co-ordinated with Neuland’s Marker Palette!

In our online shop you will find 2o PanPastel® colors which correspond to the Neuland marker color range. Therefore, this makes it easy to match your Neuland marker color to your PanPastel® color pot when planning your next workshop. We also offer a PanPastel® Panel tray that conveniently transports up to 10 pots inside our VarioOne case, or simply toss them in a Neuland Novario@ Box.


We trust you will find these delicious color pots just as exciting and easy to use as we did!


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