The Neuland Cover marker contains Cover Technology ink that provides opaque white results in a rich saturated finish. If the simplicity of sharp white on dark surfaces is not sufficient for your needs, you will definitely be impressed with our new UnderCover series. At Neuland, we strive to explore the endless possibilities that come with our innovations!

Mixing UnderCoverInk and Filling Markers

What you will need to try our experiment: 

Directions to Create UnderCover Ocean Ink:

  1. Thoroughly shake the Cover ink bottle until you hear the mixing balls moving freely. This will help ensure the white pigment is evenly distributed in the ink. 
  2. Add 9x refill bulb lid fulls of ink from the white Cover ink into the empty mixing bottle.
  3. Add 3x refill bulb lid fulls of 305 Ocean ink into the mixing bottle. Now you have the two inks in a ratio of 3:1 (cover ink:color ink) in the mixing bottle. 
  4. Securely close the lid of the mixing bottle and thoroughly shake the new ink formula until fully mixed. 
  5. Fill your empty BigOne Art marker (per our normal refill instructions) with your custom UnderCover ink. 
  6. Remove the lid of the marker and SLOWLY add 4 1/2 refill units of ink to the marker. Please note, it only takes a few seconds for the ink to reach the tip of the marker. You’re now ready to start visualizing with your self-mixed custom 305 Ocean UnderCover ink!
    You can find detailed refill instructions here on Markerpedia. 

Storing Cover and UnderCover Markers:

If you plan on storing your Cover markers and self-mixed UnderCover markers for an extended period, it’s best to store them horizontally. However, before using them, make sure to place the markers upside down in a Novario box. This will ensure that the tip receives enough white pigment. And remember to “put them back to sleep” after you’re done using them. This way, you’ll always be on the safe side of excellent results!

You’re in for a surprise if you think that’s the end of our experiment. Did you know that you can even blend inks directly on paper? Because of the different compositions of our ink formulation the water-based color inks and the permanent cover ink can be mixed on paper!

Mixing on Paper: Color First


  1. Draw a filled in square with 305 Ocean ink on black paper. 
  2. Take a Cover marker and draw anything of your choice on the filled in square. 

Since the water-based ink will not dry permanently, it will combine with the water-based Cover marker ink and the two colors will mix. You have now drawn a heart with the 305 Ocean UnderCover ink.  

Color Layers on Paper: Cover Ink First

You have the option to write on a white space that you have made with the cover marker using a colored marker (like 305 Ocean) and create beautiful color layers. Just keep in mind that if the white Cover ink is still wet, the inks may blend together. Once it’s dry, the color ink will create a lovely layer on top of the white cover area.


Now that we have expanded the limits of what the Neuland BigOne® Art Cover can offer and that it goes beyond just opaque white contours on dark backgrounds. Stay curious for the next installment of this series, where we will be experimenting with a fresh UnderCover blend and sharing the results with you here!

PS: If you’d rather not discover on your own which color combinations work best with the cover ink, we suggest waiting for the findings from our UnderCover research.