Although we really like to work at Neuland and puzzle out new ideas or find improvements for our products, some “Neuländer” are keen to do adventurous outdoor activities on weekends. Even better when you can combine work with leisure and spend the weekend on an island. So, without hesitation, we went to Munich to set up shop at the FlowFest.

On the beautiful Prater Island, we first came upon a group of people that looked suspiciously athletic. They were filling some kind of one-man pool with ice water ’cause such an ice bath brings more advantages than you might think. It activates brown fat, strengthens the immune system and promotes muscle regeneration.

The term “flow” describes a state in which a person is fully immersed in an activity. You feel like being in a delirious state, just without any unwanted side effects. You’re highly concentrated, achieve the best results and only when you’re completely diving into this activity, you can reach this state of flow. The FlowFest is about learning to listen to your own body and surpass yourself. These aspects are also extremely important when it comes to visualization as you’re not only moving your hand but your whole body instead. Visualization requires mobility, intense concentration and mindfulness at the same time. Those who work as a graphic recorder or visual facilitator, or the ones who do a lot of lettering can tell you a thing or two about it.

These three days were focused on topics like fitness, nutrition and sleep. And this is where we presented our markers and our large V3 XL. Because creative folks are everywhere and their favorite tools have wedge, round and brush nibs. Moreover, many people forget about one crucial topic when looking at buff bodies: mental fitness. Many meditate or focus on the things that matter by writing in a Bullet Journal every morning and evening to record their plans, experiences and aims.

And that’s where we come into the picture: With our BulletProof and the SketchOne you can perfectly track your fitness, mood or sleep. And if you want to decorate this modern journal as neat as many do it on Pinterest, you can grab yourself a Handlettering Learning Pad to go and an ArtMarker, find a quiet place to sit down and simply start writing.

Find out more about Bullet Journaling here.

But that’s not all! As a matter of course, we also had an ace up our sleeve: On Saturday, Neuland Ambassador® Filippo Buzzini dauntlessly abandoned himself to the sun and recorded the whole event on our GraphicWall V3 XL at the beach. And the four meter long piece of art is nothing to sneeze at!

By the way: Filippo has once travelled through Switzerland with the V3. Since it can be disassambled easily and fast, you can put it in the convenient carrying bag and assamble it nearly everywhere you want to. Needless to say, the trip was recorded as well and they made a pretty neat video about it.