The past week has been one of planning and preparations for the weeks to come 🙂

On Monday we leave for Springbok, close to the Namibian border to run workshops in several schools during the week, so we have been renting car, sorting accommodation and other planning.

The visual tools are so helpful in this process where many people need to plan, no surprise in that.

This week is full on practice every day from 9 AM to 4 PM, to get in shape and get our show together for AfrikaBurn. We are getting closer and we are having fun!

Today I focussed a lot on my juggling.

For a long time juggling has been my prefered metaphor to explain my business. And I discovered new connections between the juggling practice and my graphic recording work: if I don’t relax, breathe, relax my shoulders and have a solid stand, I’m most probably not going to be able to catch and throw the balls (catch the essense of the conversations and express that in the drawing). And I need to focus deeply, I can’t look at all the balls, then they will fall. If I focus my gaze in front of me, then I’m able to juggle with all the balls at the same time (being in flow with the information around me in the conversations I record). I love this practice and the interconnectedness to my own visual practice.

Photocredits RAmpire

Photocredits RAmpire

Another update will come after Thursday where I will do graphic facilitation with Tsiba (an alternative education in Pinelands) and Sunday where we go to Mitchells Plain for another Open Street session. The open streets events feels very very important right now as the gang violence is increasing in Hanover Park.
I have always felt quite safe moving around there, but now it really feels like being in a war zone. So I’m definitely supporting any event that is intending to make public spaces more safe! <3

Photocredits RAmpire

Photocredits RAmpire

Sending love.

P.S. We have been challenged by almost everything that we can be challenged by in a project, but we are managing and really enjoying this week with our tour around Cape Town! Today we did an open space in Hanover Park (one of the areas with the highest murder rate in the world), which went really well and it was so meaningful to contribute to a safe space for the kids for a few hours. And they LOVED the markers! I’m so excited to show you the videos and pictures! Happy that you already got some! It is pleasure to work with Joep and Valentina from RAmpire!

Along with other sponsors like RAmpire Agency and visual facilitators we support Mona Ebrup’s project in South Africa. If you want to support Mona on this project, you’ll find more information here.