This chart gives you a short journey into the world of easy color mixing – starting with your idea about a new color leading into the mixing process. Working drop by drop at first, then going into details of neiling it down and scaling it up to finally have your first empty marker filled with your new color, shade or tint. Here’s how to work with creative confidence!

Did you know that Neuland has a new color wheel thanks to the colorful mind of Brandy Agerbeck? It’s such a great resource. You can use it to find and fill gaps and mix your own colors!

Sonja Skopp and Heather Martinez have been meeting and mixing some of the most challenging colors outside of the tertiary colors.

In March they mixed blues and greens …

You can download the PDF here!

And in May they shared their latest color blends:

  • Ballet Slipper by Sonja
  • Coral Reef by Heather

You can download the PDF here!

Learn all about preferred color vs. color matching, how to avoid contaminant colors when mixing, mixing acrylics, matching Neuland Inks for fabric printing and more!

You can watch the recording of Live May session featuring Brandy Agerbeck and Matt Magain in the May 2020 session of Lettering Tips Tuesdays here.

Or you can start by watching these videos:

And download this PDF ink mixing worksheet to start mixing your signature color today!


What you should have at hand for mixing:

  • Any kind of refill ink that you would like to start with
    e.g. Mischen Possible Set, item no.: 9100.0085
  • A variety of empty markers, e.g. No.One wedge nib, item no.: 8047.0000
  • Empty ink bottles, item no.: 8044.0000
  • White paper
  • Q-Tips or brushes
  • Small mixing containers (e.g. ice cube shape or empty tablet blisters 😉 )
  • Paper tissues
  • Fresh water – distilled if you have

We look forward to seeing what you create! If you share your results on social media, please #mischenpossible or tag us on Instagram: @sos19sketch and @corpgraffitiart

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