During the EuViz®2018 there were three inspiring mini-workshops from our Ambassadors:

Brandy Agerbeck – Using Color Combos, Heather Martinez – 5 Letteringstyles in 5 Minutes, Renatta P.Algalarrondo – Using AcrylicOnes for Graphic Recording.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to attend, you’ll find the mini-workshops as video files and all additional information here. Our mini-workshops were very well attended. Many participants took the opportunity to ask questions about the products or about the ambassadors tips.

Here are the videos and a few impressions. Have fun!

Brandy Agerbeck starts with “Color combinations”:

Find out more about Brandy Agerbeck: http://www.loosetooth.com/

Brandy likes to work with the BigOnes. In our shop you can put together your own color combinations.

On Day 2 we experienced Heather Martinez with her 5 lettering styles:

Find out more about Heather Martinez: https://www.letslettertogether.com/

And here you can discover her Ambassador Kit: Heather’s Choice

On the third day, Renatta explained how to get AcrylicOnes fit for graphic recording:

Find out more about Renatta P. Algalarrondo: http://www.fall4art.com/

Find Renatta’s Ambassador Kit here: Renatta’s Choice

Thank you for watching and participating.