Have you ever taken inventory of your markers? Of course we know that you have far fewer markers at home than we have in the Neuland Playground® or in stock. Taking inventory can be quite useful though. And it’s not even a lot of work!

Markers’ empty? Double-check before your next (online) workshop!

The problem

You’re soon hosting an online training with analog tools (by the way: Learn how to successfully use analog tools in digital trainings here)? Or imagine you’re finally holding an in-person workshop after a long time and suddenly you realize that your Outliner is empty.

„Oh, now I remember! When I refilled my Outliner at my last workshop I emptied the refill ink. Didn’t I order a new bottle?“

And of course it’s always the markers we need most, right? But let’s be honest: Otherwise we wouldn’t learn from it. 😉 Neuland Toolmaster® Liane Hoder recently found herself in a similar situation and decided to create a marker sheet to prevent another such situation.

If you’re working with so many different colors, it’s easy to lose track. Liane shows: She knows what she’s doing.

The solution

Use this neat marker sheet to either take inventory of your markers on a regular basis (e.g. twice a year), or to add the markers and refill ink you need once you realize they’re missing or empty. Most people put their empty markers in a bag to refill them all together. So, every time you empty an ink bottle during a refill session, you just write it down on your sheet.

Of course, you can also do this when you’re missing a couple of markers after an event. Or when you need another marker of one specific color. This way you’re not just prepared, you also won’t forget a marker when placing your next order. And we all know it’s good for the environment if you don’t just order single markers. 🙂

This is what it looks like when Liane’s taking inventory of her markers.

Marker 101

What? You don’t know all of our marker types and their different versions? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! This “cheat sheet” shows everything you ever wanted to know about each marker. How much ink do I need to put in which marker? Which nib do I use and can I replace it? And what about the right storage? Many questions, we’ve got answers!

You can download this convenient table, too.

What are you waiting for?

Download the sheet for your first marker inventory now to have it at hand as soon as you need it. Liane already included all Neuland Markers and colors, so you won’t forget anything.

You’re still insecure when it comes to refilling? As all of our markers are refillable, you’ll find instructions of each type in our Markerpedia.