L. L. L., W. W. W., N. N. N.: Many of us remember the days in primary school spent slowly drawing curly lines and squiggles on the paper, and taking great care to stay within the light-grey lines on our school books. Our knuckles turned white with concentration, and we got a little bit better each day – until it was sometimes possible to read some of what we wrote.

But oh dear: it is also something that many of us have forgotten – because it is faster to write and easier to read on a computer, isn’t it? – Until the day that we need to write together on a brainstorming flip chart, or have to put something on paper during a major conference, live and visible for all to see. This challenge, using a thick marker pen on DIN A0 paper, turns even passable draftsmen into appalling writers – simply from lack of practice.



Aha…! It is easy to make up for it: Neuland has for more than thirty years offered everything you need to make conferences, presentations, training sessions and meetings a success – from flipcharts through to 0.1 mm thick marker pens – and this year, we are focusing on hand lettering on paper: At Neuland booth during TYPO Berlin>wanderlust< taking place from 25th until 27th Mai, Dominik Parson and Laila Silva-Tello will present besides markers for the widest range of use, our new Handlettering Learning Pad in flipchart format and our writing practice pad “to go”, which has been developed by Neuland in cooperation with internationally recognized artist and calligraphist Heather Martinez. Visitors at TYPO are heartily encouraged to try out these products (and their writing skills) at the booth.
And on Friday at 4 PM, a licenced bikablo® trainer will be on hand at the booth: he will be demonstrating this unique visualisation tool, “Visual Recording”, giving out tips and answering questions.



In addition, there will be a competition with attractive and useful prizes throughout TYPO – the winners will be drawn on Saturday at 6 PM.
Wow! It will definitely be worth your while to drop by and visit us at Neuland, and try out your own handwriting…