Estatics stick to smooth surfaces, so they also stick to other Estatics. With scissors, Estatic markers or AcrylicOnes and some imagination you can achieve magical effects. Link to video

Opaque layers

First, you draw on an opaque Estatic note, for example a head with hair. Then, you cut out the face with the cutter so that you can look through the Estatic.

Now place this Estatic on top of another, blank Estatic. Then draw a suitable face with the Neuland No.One® Estatic.

Move the upper Estatic, so that you get a free space underneath. Then draw a face with a different expression there. By moving the upper Estatic, you can now switch between the two facial expressions.

Have fun!

You need:

  • Estatics, white, item no.: 7951.0001
  • Neuland No.One® Estatics, item no.: 8165.0100
  • Cutter, item no.: 8080.0202
  • Or Paper Scissors, item no.: 8080.0100

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