Is it a table? Is it a bench? A lectern? How about you decide? ‘Cause our KIPPIT can be both. The beautiful piece of furniture can be transformed easily – only by tilting it.

So, it works exactly like an ambiguous image in which some people may see a rabbit, while others see a duck. In this case, the brain keeps changing its mind while we’re looking at the same picture. These so-called reversible figures cause the phenomenon of multistable perception. And we thought to ourselves: Why not create a piece of furniture that makes the viewer experience a similar feeling?

There are two versions of the KIPPIT: short and long. The short one serves perfectly as a seat and side table. The other one is either long enough for two people to sit down together, or it can be used as a lectern. Moreover, it does not just look pretty neat but it’s also the most sturdy lightweight we know. With our KIPPIT you can work in an enjoyable environment that can be changed spontaneously depending on the workshop. This enables participants to find complete expression. The soft cushion made of wool felt completes the picture and makes it even more comfortable to sit down for a while. Simply perfect for modern, interactive events, including open space and bar camps, but also conferences and further trainings that require a certain degree of flexibility.

And the jury of the German Design Award agrees with us. They like the minimalistic and at the same time elegant design and it’s different functions. And that’s why it’s not a surprise at all that our KIPPIT won the German Design Award in the category “Excellent Product Design – Furniture”. We are so delighted that we decided to prolong our KIPPIT campaign and give you a 100€ discount on both versions until December 31! Not bad, right?