Do you know the Germans’ game of the year 2019? It’s called “Just One” and it’s a great game to play with family or friends and spend some time together. We’ve created a slightly different version of this game:

One or two people leave the room. The others draw a picture of a certain term that’s given. Then, all of the images are attached to the wall or placed on the table. Eliminate the pictures that look similar or show the same elements. Now, the others have to guess which term you were drawing.

Examples for families: school, homework, barbecue, games night.

Or something for adults: digitalization, globalization, home office.

Have fun playing! And feel free to share your terms and images.

You need:

  • Pin-It Cards, large rectangular, item no.: 8001.0021
  • Neuland No.One® Outliner, item no.: 8047.0010
  • Neuland No.One®, e.g. grey, item no.: 8047.0101

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