When suddenly you receive a mailshot which in turn contains a small, beautifully printed bag – this doesn’t mean Christmas is here again. No, it is in fact the second mailshot in our HANDS ON series, which we launched this year.

But what’s the story with the bag, you may be asking?
Well, it’s quite simple:

with this lovely pouch you…

always have somewhere to put your empty markers. This handy drawstring pouch means there’s no need for your used markers to disappear among your plethora of pristine markers.
And when the pouch is full it’s worth embarking on a little refill session.


And our second HANDS ON mailshot has much more to offer. More specifically, a wealth of useful information about Neuland markers, inks and refills.
Oh, and in case you didn’t yet know, our water-based inks can also be mixed.


Yes, that’s right, you can mix our inks together. We’ve created a few recipes for you and have presented them – with easy to follow instructions – in the second edition of our HANDS ON mailshot.

As well as lots more useful information, on the reverse of the mailshot you’ll also find a delightful poster – for all lovers of markers and colours.

Feeling left out? Would you also like to find this Neuland mailshot in your postbox soon?

Then simply request your free HANDS-ON-MAILSHOT here.

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