… or is it even more black?

In this video, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the wedge nib markers, the marker superstars.

Marker superstars? Really?

Imagine: You are allowed to own only one marker. Oh, this is horrible, no kidding! In this case a black marker with a wedge nib would certainly be the first choice. Practically thought.

The wedge nib is designed to make your font readable on the flipchart. With the wedge nib, you simply have the line width, which makes your message visible and readable even from a distance. The line width varies depending on whether the marker is guided horizontally or vertically. This creates a nice and legible character. That makes sense, right?

Besides, you can also draw with the wedge nib. Well, the drawings may seem a bit clumsy and thicker, but it works. Practice makes perfect!

So, let’s step away from this absurd idea to own only one marker.

The Outliner – the indestructible brother of the black wedge nib

Why does the “conventional” black marker smear the ink from the art marker?

The ink in the Outliner is permanent and contains black pigments. The normal black marker contains aqueous ink with dye.

Ha! The outliner has a different composition, that means that an aqueous ink (e.g. the yellow Artmarker in the video) does not dissolve the outliner. Cool, right?

For your work on flipchart, it can be said in a simplified way: “the same dissolves the same.”

It’s just like going to a pub with friends, there you meet a likeable other group. One beer follows the next and this mixes the groups. You do not even know who you came to the pub with. No, not just because of the advanced beer level, but because you just get on well. You were casted in the same mould, you could say. Here, both groups have merged or dissolved into one group.

But there is someone sitting at the bar, who is somehow different, does not understand all these crazy people. He just stays outside, he has nothing to do with you. That does not matter, he is not angry.
He’s just an out-hmpf…out-thing … Anyway, do you understand what I mean?

But here in the marker world, it’s all peaceful. Even if the Outliner limits, he does not come alone, because he has his very own family, which helps him to draw boundaries.

The family of the Outliner can be found here:

Here is an overview of what some of the other Outliner family can do:

The BigOne is pretty thick.

Artmarker, round nib and wedge nib

Which one is your favorite in black?