You don’t actually need a special reason to visit Hamburg. But there was one – and a very good one at that: namely, the first International Sketchnote Camp. With numerous visitors from throughout Europe and even a few “celebrities” from overseas. So it goes without saying that we were happy to offer our support when we were approached by the organising team in the summer.

Visual dialogue in the Dialoghaus

We felt the choice of venue for the event was perfect – the Dialoghaus building in Hamburg’s historic Speicherhaus warehouse district.

It was here on Saturday that 160 participants from every corner of the globe gathered for the BarCamp. You could almost feel that the seed for something new was being sown here.


A very personal keynote address by Mike Rohde

For many participants he was probably the star guest of the event: Mike Rohde, the US author of the Sketchnote Handbook and the Sketchnote Workbook.

In his keynote address he successfully tapped into the spirit of the event. It was certainly not a “phoned-in” speech – it really came from the heart and was specially formulated for the occasion. And you could really sense this.


Sketch me if you can….

Once again there was a great deal to see on the Neuland stand – and lots to try out. Tips and innovations for visitors but also inspiring conversations and interesting ideas – which could result in new products. Stay curious!

Not just one but two Sketchnoting book authors at the Neuland stand at the same time. Tanja Wehr (“Die Sketchnote Starthilfe”) and Mike Rohde (“The Sketchnote Handbook” and “The Sketchnote Workbook”).

We’ve known Nadine Roßa (“Sketchnotes Übungsbuch”) since EuViz 2014 in Berlin. Here, Guido Neuland demonstrates the correct way of refilling Neuland markers with a transparent Neuland No. One®. It quickly becomes clear what happens inside the marker during the refilling process.

Naturally we couldn’t take all of our products to Hamburg. But that’s what the huge Neuland online shop is there for. Here, Verena Hanke-Neuland takes Mike Rohde on a short tour of the extensive Neuland range and Mike shows how he works agilely on processes back at home with his team using Neuland whiteboard markers.


The Raffle….

A basic element of international conferences – at least of those in which we are involved – is always a raffle. And that was also the case in Hamburg, where the bikablo® tool kit was one of the main prizes.


The best comes last

It was lovely in Hamburg!
A great place, nice people and really good conversations. Such as the one with Mike Rohde, who has been a real Neuland fan for quite some time.
Which makes us all the more delighted to gain Mike as a new Neuland brand ambassador.

And naturally about his entry in our Sketchbook – with the Outliner ArtMarker and a SketchOne by Neuland.

Thank you Mike Rohde! We look forward to an exciting partnership and an inspiring exchange!

Photos: Luigi Mengato,, Verena Hanke-Neuland, Guido Neuland