You want to make somebody happy you haven’t seen for a while? Why don’t you send a postcard you designed yourself? Link to video

In the video, we show you 3 designs that are easy and fast to do yourself. Then, the only thing that’s missing is a nice message and your card is ready to conjure a smile on somebody’s face. 🙂

You need:

  • Neuland No.One® Art 5/color set, Mermaid’s Kiss, item no.: 8059.2991
  • Neuland No.One® Art 5/color set, Pink Amethyst, item no.: 8059.2993
  • AcrylicOne MEDIUM, the colors shown in the video are AC551, item no.: 7754.0551 and AC554, item no.: 7754.0554
  • Postcard Set, item no.: 8027.0000 / 8027.0001

You would like to order from Austria or Switzerland? No problem! Simply enter the item numbers in the search box of the respective shop and get started.