You feel like there’s a special color combo missing in our new range of color sets? Don’t let anybody tell you with which color combinations you have to work and simply create your own set!

In order to optimize our production process, we unfortunately had to reduce our range of marker colors last year. Well, this horrible time has come to an end now! We’re happy to offer you our No.One, No.One Art and BigOne in the wide range of colors you’re used to again.

Since you haven’t just asked about the colors in the meantime but also regularly told us that you miss our color sets as well, we decided to create new sets that contain matching colors. Hurray!

Of course we know that our dear customers couldn’t have more diverse preferences. And that’s a good thing! So, if you still feel the need for a set containing your personal color combination, or a set of all colors available, we’ve got a convenient feature for you in our shop that basically lets you create your own individual set.

Just choose the marker you want and click on the button below the quantity drop-down list that says “or choose here many colors all at once”. Now you can select different colors in no time and directly add them to your cart or a Shopping List. Sounds easy? You’re completely right!

Wait a second … Isn’t there something missing? You’re right, our color sets come in convenient RefillBoxes. When you select single markers, this won’t be the case. But we’re one step ahead of you and just added the boxes to our shop. From now on, you can get our RefillBoxes for the Neuland TwinOne®, the No.One, BigOne and FineOne, too. Easy peasy.

Well, are you already itching to create your personal color set? Then what are you waiting for?