Yay! We’re having international in-person conferences for visual practitioners again! This year, the IFVP decided that it’s time to try something new: regional meet-ups.

Neuland booth at IFVP meet-up Shanghai
Neuland booth at IFVP meet-up Shanghai

Neuland ♥ IFVP

Of course, we wouldn’t miss a chance to support one of our favorite events! So, our Chinese reseller Shanghai Shengna Trading Ltd got a booth at the IFVP Shanghai to show everyone what’s new at Neuland.

Rikki Zhang held a 30 minutes workshop explaining how she uses Neuland products to increase visual work performance. She’s an international facilitator and graphic recorder well-known for her personal development trainings and corporate innovation workshops.

Rikki Zhang holding a workshop at the IFVP
Rikki Zhang holding a workshop at the IFVP
Many participants came to see Rikki Zhang at her workshop.

Adapting to the pandemic

We all love to get together and meet like-minded people. And since the world was struck by COVID, we are longing for in-person events even more now. But in many countries the situation is still tense, which makes it difficult to plan ahead.

The IFVP, therefore, decided to have regional meet-ups in nine different locations this year, including the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia. In Shanghai, for instance, Phil Guo of the IFVP global Board of Directors organized an in-person/hybrid conference together with his team and they had more than 100 participants. How exciting is that?

Visualizations at the IFVP

All in all, this year’s IFVP was another total success. It once again showed that our community of visual practitioners will always find a way to connect and share knowledge – at in-person conferences, online workshops or hybrid events. It’s amazing to see how you guys make things work and we’re already looking forward to seeing you all again next year! 🙂

Sketchnoting in welcome booklet