That’s what Heather says, while she quickly and confidently writes “neuland” with the Outliner round tip onto the paper . Well, in this case draws.
“Of course it’s much slower, compared to writing the letters, such as with the NumberOne or the BigOne,” she continues as she grabs the SketchOne and draws some letters with it, too.

I could watch for hours, it fascinates me. Will I ever letter that nice so fast? Heather’s answer: “Practice, practice, practice!”.
Well, it figures. I don’t want to reveal too much about the Live-Talk. Be sure to watch the video. Grab your markers and be inspired to make more of your letters. Click on the picture to start the video:

You can download this worksheet as pdf here: NeulandSERIFexemplar_20180523

Here you will find all of our markers.

Here you can download a handlettering template for free.

These are the work results from the session

Here you will find all the links mentioned in the video

A Mile in My Shoes Project

Heather: “Giving a voice to homelessness. I collaborated with Kyla to create the video, taught a brush lettering class at the local soup kitchen, and am doing graphic facilitation to help bring those working on the issue together to have meaningful conversations.”

Visual Coaching Certification

Visual Coach Certification

Heather: “I am studying with Christina Merkley to get my certification. It’s very exciting to add virtual coaching to my repertoire of offerings.”

ACT :: Art Career Theorem


Heather: “This is an art career model that helps artists create the art life they desire. Pssst … it works for visual practitioners too! I will be offering a 3-session coaching pack in the fall to my IFVP and EFVP colleagues!”

“Process inspires me! I’m an artist and an Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator”

Upcoming Lettering Book

Looking to feature visual practitioners and their work. Please email me ([email protected]) to set up a time to learn a new lettering style and perhaps get featured in my book!

Lettering Tips Tuesday LIVE in May:

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Course: How to Write Like an Architect

Twinkle Lettering Style with Sandra Dirks!

Scary Lettering Style

Meet Heather in Denmark

More online lettering courses


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What is your favorite lettering style?