Heather Lettering Martinez visited Neuland® headquarters. What they plotted with her there, that’s still top secret, but a few paparazzi have leaked secret photos.

You don’t know Heather Lettering Martinez? For us she is THE Lettering-Queen. Click here, to find out more. Here you’ll learn how to do the handlettering with our markers.

At the Neuland® headquarters

The fact is, there is a real video set. There are real video professionals on site, the Neuland creatives have prepared everything perfectly.

Jaro, the marvelous office dog, has snuffled the video set properly. We believe that this has something to do with marker security. In any case, he receives a reward from Stef. He’ll keep his mouth shut, that’s for sure.

In one corner of the room we found this flipchart. Clearly Heathers lettering. Secretly taking pictures of it, Heather surprised us and points out that this is a pure practice chart. She just tried out some letters but couldn’t tell us much more about it at this moment. We think it is a great flipchart and nevertheless took a picture. Just to show you this awesome lettering style here. You’ll find all letters on the chart, from A – Z and even an ampersand. Great.

In the other corner of the room we found this toolboard, where the markers were not just dropped off, but presented. We certainly don’t dare to go too far when we say that the markers are not just presented here, but even staged. Watch here, the microfiber cleaning cloth is perfectly draped. The two steel magnets, they are certainly not accidentally at this spot. Holding strength up to 7 kg! Well, here is a real big thing to hang up. Underneath there are two flower pots. Now we are really getting curious. If flowerpots are used, it always makes sense and it is an indication of perfect staging, if you ask me.

Wow! The cool new ChalkOnes in all colors! Certainly, they will eventually appear in a video. But that’s just our vague guess.

Look at that! The saddlebag is also used. The new ChalkOnes look fantastic in the grey felt.

Ha! Good that this is written down there. With all the secrets here, you could become really crazy.

Oh, on the other side of the wall, Heather is drawing a whole forest. A backdrop? You can’t imagine, how much we would like to get to know more. What about you?

Even more markers are presented here. If we didn’t know better then we might suspect that we are in a kind of “Marker Wonderland” here. Everything just speculation. We really have no clue. But this presentation is wonderful.

Suddenly in front of us on the floor lies this paper. Another fantastic lettering from Heather. It doesn’t seem to be finished yet, but we are starting to feel that we are witnessing something very big here.

At this V3-Wall we unexpectedly found a BagUp. Very chic. An old pocket watch dangles from the side…

The video team takes over, we catch a glimpse of the script and a first scene was shot. This is also the moment when we were discovered and thrown out of the room. Nobody wants to risk something being leaked out. Psst! Stay tuned, we do too!

The next day we tried it again

We couldn’t find out much more on this day, because Heather is providing an internal lettering wokshop for the Neuländers.

Here at the beginning, everyone is already curious about what to expect. Uii, this place is reserved for left-handers. A good idea that we absolutely have to observe. You can’t imagine how much we would like to know what’s in the bag!

In the lunch break we see our chance, but here we also came too late. All letterings are carefully stored. But they are really great in keeping secrets, the Neuländers.

Finally an official picture

“We had a great brainstorming together!”, Verena, Heather and Guido announcing happily.

Oh? They don’t want to say anything about the results, but we should definitely stay tuned. We all will certainly find out soon.

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