Refilling Neuland Markers can be so easy … If you do it right. This applies to the right position before, while and after refilling – head over heels!

Since 2020 all Neuland Markers are 100% refillable, which makes them more sustainable. We proudly call this our Refillosophy. But what should you keep in mind when refilling your markers and why did we decide to do it the way we do? With our blog series you’ll turn into a true refill pro in no time!

MarkerDisplays full of Neuland Markers
A wall full of Neuland Markers – such a lovely view thanks to the MarkerDisplays.

How to store your markers

“I thought this is all about refilling?” True, but you don’t wanna fill your markers with too much ink and waste it. Because the measurements in our refill instructions refer to markers that are actually empty. So, please make sure they are before refilling.

If you don’t know how to test this, you’ll find out in the second part of this series. It’s even more important, though, to store your markers correctly before testing if they’re empty. All markers for writing on paper should be stored nib down. And there’s a reason for this: Thanks to gravity the ink flows down to the nib faster. This way, your marker’s always ready to use and the nib will last longer, too.

Novario® Markerbox and ModStation
Neatly organized and correctly stored: with Novario® boxes in the ModStation K-17.

And yeeees, this is also the reason why the bottom of the marker shows its ink color. When you store or transport your Neuland Markers in our convenient Novario® boxes you can only see their colors when they’re in the right position. 😉

By the way: Some Neuland Markers need to be stored horizontally or even with their nibs up. You’ll find an overview of all marker types in our Markerpedia.

Neuland Marker storage
Nib down you’ve got a nice overview of the different colors.

How to refill your markers

You’ve made sure your markers are empty. From part one you know that you need to take off the cap. Now you put the Neuland Marker you wanna refill in our refill station, add enough ink and close the cap again.

Neuland Markers in a refill station
The refill station simplifies everything.

And what’s next?

Once you’ve made it till here, you should be a refill pro. However, there are some additional tips and tricks we don’t wanna keep from you. The next article will be all about little helpers that make this process easier for you.

BasicBox Novario®
Sophisticated system: Novario® makes everything fit together perfectly.