Hats off for this great refill system! This idiom is actually ambiguous because there’s one important step you should never forget when refilling your markers …

Since 2020 all Neuland Markers are 100% refillable, which makes them more sustainable. We proudly call this our Refillosophy. But what should you keep in mind when refilling your markers and why did we decide to do it the way we do? With our blog series you’ll turn into a true refill pro in no time!

Why take off the cap?

There’s a chamber just behind the membrane of our Neuland FineOne®, Neuland No.One® and Neuland BigOne® to guide the ink to the fiber stick. This chamber has a little hole to let out the air inside. When you fill in the ink, the air will go down the marker and through the nib’s socket. If you don’t take off the cap, the air can’t get out, which leads to excessive pressure inside the housing.

Rule no. 1: Hats off – remove the cap before refilling!

How to open the cap of the Neuland BigOne® correctly
By the way: This is how you open the BigOne’s cap without turning its housing.

And what’s next?

Don’t worry, there are not many rules about our refill system you have to know. In our blog series we’ll share some more tips with you, though. Next up is a guided refill meditation. 😉

And if you don’t wanna wait for the next article, you can learn everything about our refill process in our markerpedia!