We’ve just launched the Neuland BigOne® Art and it’s already been awarded a prize: the Green Good Design® Award!

Green Good Design®

After we’ve received the Good Design® Award for the Neuland FineOne® last year, we’re now ready for another one. The Green Good Design® Award is much younger than the original but it’s awarded by the same jury of the Chicago Athenaeum. So it’s at least as meaningful.

There’s one major difference, though: While both awards honor outstanding design excellence, the green one only goes to sustainable products, true to the motto “Build a better world now“.

Neuland BigOne® Art in different colors
Neuland BigOne® Art – the biggest brushmarker yet!

Sustainable design

It’s totally obvious why the biggest brushmarker receives this prestigious award:
The Neuland BigOne® Art can be refilled over and over again with water-based, non-toxic ink. Plus, you can swap out the nib if needed.

Moreover, its ergonomic finger grooves allow for convenient handling and its roll-stop prevent the marker from rolling off the table. Of course, the BigOne Art is also available as an Outliner and in vibrant colors. This way, you put dynamic letterings and vivid visualizations on large format paper.

Our message: Keep your markers!

You’ll actually never have to throw away a Neuland Marker because all of our markers are refillable and eco-friendly since 2020.

You can also help reducing CO2 emissions. Next time you order markers, why don’t you add the respective refill inks and some replacement nibs to your cart? At some point you’ll need them anyway and then you’ll be happy to be prepared and ready to refill your marker. And here’s another advantage: It’s much cheaper in the long run. But you didn’t hear this from us, alright? 😉

Side note: You’re welcome to let us print your drawing or lettering on the BigOne Art as well. Here’s how you do it.