FVP is excited to offer its signature training at EuViz 2014. GR101 is a comprehensive look into the wonderful world of capturing big ideas on big sheets of paper.GR101 will provide a basic understanding of the craft, the tools and the techniques of graphic recording. Workshop leaders, Lisa Arora and Rachel Smith, along with several other IFVP members (all with different working styles and clientele) will share their real life stories and ‘aha’s from their own practices.
GR101 is designed for all levels of skill and expertise. This is a great workshop for the beginner as well as the seasoned practitioner looking for a refresher. The workshop has sold out to rave reviews for seven years in a row.
Space is limited to 25 participants – Register for your spot at the wall today!

Workshop leaders:


The Grove Consultants International

Rachel is a senior consultant and the Director of Digital Facilitation Services for The Grove Consultants International, a San Francisco-based firm that offers services and tools to help organizations envision and implement change. A specialist in project coordination and user interface design, Rachel develops ways to integrate technology into visual practice. For more than ten years, she has graphically facilitated groups in face-to-face and virtual settings. Recently, Rachel has begun to teach visual note-taking skills to students, teachers, and anyone else who finds that drawing helps them listen and learn. She also coaches visual practitioners as they learn to work in the digital realm.

She blogs about all this and more at digitalfacilitation.net.


Get the Picture

Lisa brings a background in education and 5 years experience in training and development. She was first introduced to the power of graphics in 2007 as a meeting participant and was immediately hooked! Trained by some of the best in the graphics community, Lisa began consulting as a graphic facilitator and graphic recorder in 2008 and now teaches visual methods to her clients as well. Serving organizations across the globe, Lisa partners with clients in a variety of settings and corporate sectors, including: global councils, national conferences, think tanks, large scale corporate change initiatives, consortiums,taskforces, and strategic planning initiatives. Lisa loves the fun and adventure of being on a visual learning journey! She lives in Victoria, British Columbia and blogs about ways to optimize visual meetings at www.getthepicture.ca.


Register for your spot at the wall today!