In a city with a yawning gap between “rich” and “poor”, Mona visited schools and organizations to show the people in Cape Town what you can achieve through visualization.


On her journey through the city, she organized open street sessions and practiced together with circus performers for the AfricaBurn Festival. In this way, Mona met a diverse range of people, exchanged experiences and visually recorded what their dreams are. And it turns out they are more related than expected.



After three months, Mona left with mixed feelings. She saw a lot of crime and poverty but this didn’t hinder the people to have fun, play around and dream of a better future. Now that her journey has drawn to a close, Mona says: “It was fascinating to see that our dreams are so similar, despite our different backgrounds. We want happy, safe communities that allow us to follow our dreams.” And although she faced quite a few challenges during her time in Cape Town, it was an amazing journey and these are memories no-one can ever take away from her.


As part of our campaign “Drawn to help, help to draw”, we supported Mona with material and financial means. A big thank you goes to the teams of Visual Facilitators and RAmpire as well, who supported this project, too.


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