My father was a farmer. We had cows and bulls, and a big dung heap. When a kid, my sisters and I used to play a game called “Mistfahren” (driving the dung).

It’s about driving the dung with a tractor and a manure spreader onto the fields to fertilize them.

So each number stands for a field and the job is to drive your fineliner from the heap to field No. 1, back to the dung heap, then to field No. 2 and so on – and never to touch or cross a line, until you finally drive home.

We loved this game and played it on rainy days. I still love the fact that in the end you get an almost mandala-like structure. It’s simple and beautiful. Try it.

You need:

  • SketchOne, item no.: 8035.2100
  • mySketchbook, item no.: 8030.7242

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