Such a vast selection of flipcharts, how am I supposed to decide which one’s right for me? Easy: with the Neuland FlipChart Guide!

Why Neuland?

In case you’ve come here because you’re just about to buy your first flipchart, here’s what makes our flipcharts so special: At Neuland our main priorities are high-quality products and sustainability. During the design process we already consider the repair-friendliness. About 95% of our flipcharts are manufactured at our headquarters in Germany. The remaining 5% are produced in Europe exclusively for us and according to our standards and guidelines.

Our assortment offers a great variety tailored to the most different needs. But let’s not talk about us the whole time, you’re interested in flipcharts. 😉

Great variety

Just like in our online shop we divide the flipcharts into four different categories, which are arranged according to their use. Of course, we’ll give you some information on this, too, to make it easier for you to decide.

Portable FlipCharts

If you’re always on the go and planning to take your flipchart with you, we recommend our portable flipcharts. Because they’re super fast and easy to set up and you don’t even need any tools. Plus, these flipcharts are extremely lightweight and sturdy at the same time.

The Urban is the shape-shifter among portable flipcharts. When you fold it, its small size makes it easy to transport. But once you’ve set up the Urban, you’ll have a standard size flipchart to work with. The EuroFlip is the lightest of our flipchart and only weighs 7 kg (~ 15 lbs). It’s a flipchart and a mini pinboard in one. And thanks to its Euro frame you can simply clip on certain accessories, such as the Accessory Quiver or the PinCushion.

A classic among portable flipcharts is the Professional 3000, which features a magnetic whiteboard surface you can write on, too. Another highlight is its Ergo version as it is ergonomic and height-adjustable. This way you can just keep writing without having to bend down. Plus, the people in the back rows see what’s written on the chart as well.

Portable FlipCharts

Mobile FlipCharts

As the name suggests, these flipcharts all have casters. When you keep changing your location within the same building we recommend one of our mobile flipcharts. Because what you can roll you won’t have to carry.

In this category there’s no way around one of our absolute favorites: The sketch@work is a true shape-shifter. It allows you to switch between three formats – portrait, landscape and a height-adjustable table. The sketch@work leaves nothing to be desired and is the perfect companion to use methods like World Café and classical brainstormings, and even if you work in front of a webcam.

Another flipchart worth mentioning is our ToMove, which is available in three versions: in grey with a laminated wooden surface, in grey with a whiteboard, and in black with a whiteboard. Moreover, all of them are available in Ergo versions as well, which means they can be adjusted to three different height positions.

Let’s talk about the B-Vario® now: Its special U-shaped base allows you to comfortably stand or sit in front of the flipchart. And when storing more of these type, they will fit together and save space. Another plus: It’s available in an Ergo version, too.

Mobile FlipCharts

Table FlipCharts

You mainly work in front of a webcam or don’t have much room? How about one of our neat table flipcharts? They are perfect for interactive online trainings and when working in small groups.

You could, for instance, provide several TopCharts for your participants since they are made of light cardboard that can be folded for transport. And, of course, you can use this one over and over again, too. Once your paper is empty, you can get the same size in black or white. If you prefer working on a pinboard surface, we recommend our TableTop, which is available in a small version and an XL version. The latter provides the same space for your charts as standard size flipcharts. When you wanna switch from the pinboard to the flipchart surface, simply turn it around and there you have it! By the way: The TableTop XL is available in different felt colors.

Table FlipCharts

Wall FlipCharts

There’s probably no need to explain much here. A wall flipchart is the most space-saving solution and very popular in offices and at home.

Even in this category there are two products that are more than just a flipchart. Our LW-3M offers a magnetic whiteboard surface and can be tilted. This comes in handy when you need to flip over the paper, or you simply don’t like writing on a completely vertical surface. But there’s something for pinboard fans as well: The EuroTwin is a wall pinboard with a flipchart that can be swung out, which leads to an even larger working surface that doesn’t need much space. Choose between various felt colors to make it your personal pinboard/flipchart.

Wall FlipCharts


While many of our flipcharts come with the classic Neuland features like marker trays and paper holders, we also offer these accessories separately. Plus you can upgrade many flipcharts with casters, too. And for every portable flipchart we offer a carrying bag.

If you like reusing or storing your charts, we recommend our Charterobe®. But there’s also a storage solution for blank paper supplies, for instance the Paperino® for different sizes of paper.

Pssst: Should your flipchart ever get damaged, we’ll surely have the spare part you need. Simply contact our lovely colleagues from customer service. They’ll be happy to help.

FlipChart accessories