The Neuland FineOne® is a true allrounder. With its different nibs and the great color range you can use it in almost any situation. And the best thing about it: This marker makes our range 100% refillable and the nibs are exchangeable, too!

Discover the variety

First, we’d like to explain everything you should know about the new marker. There are four different models:

By the way, you’ll find refill instructions and tutorials on how to exchange nibs in our markerpedia. And if you like to mix your own colors, you can also get an empty FineOne – with fineliner nib, brush nib, or round nib.

One day with the FineOne

Now that we’ve clarified the details, we should talk about the things we can do with the FineOne. Let’s go through a typical day. You get up, read the newspaper and get to the popular quiz page. And here comes the Neuland FineOne® Sketch. If you plan to get some groceries before or after work, you might add a few items to your shopping list before you leave your house. Or you leave an important note for the mailman at your door? Ta-dah, your Neuland FineOne® is your sustainable marker for every purpose.

Office or construction site – the FineOne joins every briefing.

Professional as always

Next up: work. FineOne Sketch and FineOne Art are already there. No matter if you develop a new product with your colleagues, create to-do lists, give a briefing on a construction site, or simply write down some notes, the FineOne is always by your side.

You can also use it for sketchnotes or brainstormings at conferences or meetings. And if you need to change a plan, our colorful or transparent Estatics and the corresponding FineOne will be of great help. Sign some letters here and there and you’re done.

At a quick meeting, the Neuland FineOne® is the first choice.

Now comes the fun part

This is the best part of the day: leisure time. Why don’t you stop at your favorite coffee place on your way home? Have you already tried to draw something from a coffee stain? It’s a funny exercise and it lets you calm down after an exhausting day.

Sometimes the best ideas pop up in your head when you don’t think about anything. And you can always use your napkin to write it down, as long as your creative idea finds its way through your marker and out of your head.

Enjoy the rest of the day

What do you do before you go to bed at night? Do you write in your diary or bullet journal? Do you practice your lettering skills for 10 minutes a day? In any case, some notepads and a FineOne shouldn’t be missing on your nightstand. ‘Cause if you come up with an idea before falling asleep, you can immediately delete it from your valuable storage space and let it wait until tomorrow. 😉

And since you wanna have your FineOne ready at hand, the Neuland FineStand is the perfect holder for your nightstand. And we’ve got another treat for you: You can stick a convenient magnetic disc to the FineStand and attach it to any magnetic surface.

Get ready for your next trip …

… And don’t forget to pack your FineOne. Write down everything you experience in your travel journal – with sketchnotes or short stories – and make sure you can cross out at least one thing on your bucket list.

Now don’t forget your loved ones and send them some letters or postcards. Maybe you even wanna get a souvenir? Then you can wrap it in some paper that you decorated yourself and make a nice gift tag, too.

This is only the beginning

You might have recognized that we could go on like this for ever. But by now you’re probably aware that you can do anything with the Neuland FineOne®, depending on the nib and ink you use. And you know what? You can even customize your Neuland FineOne® by printing your name on it … or maybe a hashtag? Or the link to your website? You decide! Here you’ll find out more.