This is what Brandy Agerbeck says in the 1st Ambassador live talk

She does not talk about techniques for self-management or household processes. No, it’s about “drawing”.
With the 4 quads of her drawing quad she shows us new perspectives on drawing.

The model is not new to me, but it always inspires me a lot, because it sets me free me from the unfortunately often too rigid view that drawings must be perfect.
With the distinction between drawing as a “product” and drawing as a “process”, the model takes away the heaviness and the fear of not delivering the perfect performance as a graphic facilitator. I’m so grateful that my work is process-oriented.

Brandy says:

“The process-oriented drawings are actually better when they’re fast and messy! It’s important to put all the ideas on paper.”

Unfortunately, we forget this in everyday life, when we get to see a perfect graphic recording shared by another graphic recorder.
Basically, our work is “process over product!” and “Fast – messy – get stuff down – get moving – get working with” rules!

But I do not want to give too much away. Be sure to watch the video. Brandy also says something very important about the use of colors.

Watch here, please click on the photo:

Please excuse the image quality from the 15th minute. The sound quality is good, so you should definitely stay tuned until the end. There’s a lot to discover.

These are the links promised in the video:

Brandy’s website

The Brandyfesto

Buy her book here

Now, what’s your favorite quad for drawing?