Take your Neuland BigOne® and gently press it on a piece of paper. This is the dot you start with. The rest comes with your imagination and a SketchOne.

Dots, dots, dots

Use your BigOne dotting your paper …

… you’re welcome to experiment with the different widths of the nib. Or you put two dots next to, or above each other.

Get creative

And here comes your imagination and the SketchOne into play. Attach heads and limbs to the “bodies” and you’ll be surprised what happens.

If you like, you can use different colors, too.

And if you want to relax and visually meditate while being in a creative flow, just do a whole lot of dots and breathe life into them with your SketchOne.

Have fun!

You need:

  • Paper or Postcard Set, item no.: 8027.0000
  • Neuland BigOne® in in different colors, e.g grey, item no.: 8042.0101 or orange 8042.0600
  • Neuland SketchOne, item no.: 8035.2100

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