Meet Kelvy in our YouTube Live Event

May 16, 2018 – 6 PM CET:

Neuland Anniversary Ambassador Tour Talk:
Kelvy Bird – Levels of Scribing – An Overview

Levels of Scribing: An Overview
Kelvy will share a framework for levels of scribing

The levels of scribing we will explore include:
1) Mirror, 2) Differentiate, 3) Connect, 4) Surface.

Each level has it’s value and place in a visual practice. Continue reading

Typo Berlin 2018

17–19 May 2018: »Trigger« your mind
People first!

Debates about digitisation have reached a fever pitch. Almost every industry is talking about change, transformation, disruption, and radical shifts. But what are the requirements for that shift? How do we set it in motion, how do we measure it? What are its consequences? Trigger!
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Meet Heather in our YouTube Live Event

May 23, 2018 – 6 PM CET:

Neuland Anniversary Ambassador Tour Talk with Heather Martinez – Are you a lettering addict?

Are you a lettering addict? Not yet?

Did you know that Heather adapts sign painting and calligraphy styles to use with the marker? This makes it easy for graphic recorders, facilitators, and trainers to start lettering with their preferred markers. Continue reading

Visual Practice Workshop with Kelvy Bird

Day One, July 25, Rungstegaard
Reception and welcoming circle

Day Two and Three, July 26 and July 28, Rungstegaard
Main workshop

Join a growing eco-system of practitioners who use the “art of scribing” to bridge the ecological, social, and spiritual divides we experience in our world today. Scribing – a process of drawing while people talk – provides a mirror that can help a system see itself in new light. Continue reading

Workshop: The Lab

A three-day immersion into visual thinking through graphic facilitation

• Do you yearn to be a visual practitioner and seeking to start out strong in your practice?
• Does your professional role require tackling complexity and the strong critical thinking that is served by visual thinking?
• Are you a visual practitioner who feels you’ve plateaued and need an intensive to push you to new levels of work?
• Are you at a crossroads in your life and feel visual thinking is part of your future path? Continue reading

Workshops: Lettering with Heather Martinez

Day One, July 26, Rungstegaard
Level Up Your Lettering :: EuViz 2018

You’ve followed along in all of the Unlock Your Neuland Markers videos and maybe a few other online classes I’ve offered and you are ready to improve and learn more lettering styles. In this hands-on, day-long class, we will dive deeper into these lettering styles you already know and explore a few new lettering styles. Continue reading