Hard to believe, EuViz 2018 is over. 180 visual practitioners from all parts of the world gathered to learn from each other and with each other.

In the middle of it a real Neuland shop. Built like a marker kiosk, where you could shop for new materials each day. Some even came by daily just to make sure that no marker request remained open. That’s what we call #Markerliebe

#Markerliebe was also shown by our hardworking team that set up the shop and ensured that there were plenty of supplies throughout the conference.

AcrylicOnes and FineOnes were waiting for the visitors in the testinglounge.

In addition to the known markers we also brougth brand new products to Denmark

For example, the new Metallics next to their refills. YEAH! 10 colors! Available in our online shop starting approximately end of august. Also new, new and ultra new are the “friends”: five skin tones which were expected with impatience. Now you can start using them.

Then the new chalk markers: So far one color (white), but available in two different sizes with two different nibs.
Well, if you don’t become a markerhero now, then I don’t know.

Also spanking new is our chic “BagUp” bag. Made of italian leather and very elegant, with two different widths of leather straps (seen left in picture). The new 4-2-Sketchbook, which makes every sketchnoter squeal for sheer joy. The new Estatics and the new Estatics marker, and, and, and …

Of course we do not want to deprive you here of our first EuViz customer:

It’s Mathias Weitbrecht from Visual Facilitators. Easy to recognize, he likes to eat up our markers!

He wasn’t our only customer, we had many great encounters. Thanks a lot for that! Among them were so many active participants of our Ambassador mini workshops with Brandy Agerbeck, Heather Martinez and Renatta P. Algalarrondoand people trying out new products at our Neuland playground.

Stay tuned. The new products will be available gradually in our online shop.
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