Soothe your soul by drawing sacred geometry: The Flower of Life – Link to video

You already know how to draw a perfect circle with the use of the Orbits drawing template. Now you can use it to create sacred geometry. It’s relaxing and can make a great color page for yourself or a friend.

Start with the second to the smallest circle template from the Orbits collection and a FineOne Outliner round nib to draw the interlocking circles.

Make a coloring page!

Drawing the circles requires focus. The fun comes in when coloring them! If you have access to a scanner and laser printer, you can make copies for your friends and family. Otherwise have fun drawing and coloring!

Pro tip: I like using the brush nib of the TwinOne to color in the shapes.

You need:

  • Orbits, item no.: 8082.2001
  • FineOne Outliner, round nib, item no.: 8033.0010
  • No.One Outliner, round nib, item no.: 8045.0010
  • Paper, item no.: 8001.0021

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