How to draw 2 lines with only one stroke using a Neuland marker and a cutter.

Get material

All you need for this “double line BigOne” is a Neuland BigOne® with a nib that’s in a very good condition and a cutter.

Cap off and go

Take off the cap of your BigOne and put it aside – but not too far away ’cause you wanna put it back on again when you’re done. This is very important, particularly with Outliners, as the nib will get dry otherwise. Then use your cutter to carefully cut out a triangle as shown in the pictures below. Now, you’ll recognize if the nib is new or already used. Used nibs are a bit softer and more difficult to cut. If this is the case, simply take a replacement nib and cut it before putting it into the marker.

And there you have your own double line rally stripe BigOne

Depending on the size of your cut out triangle, you decide how thick your two lines will be and how far apart. You could also do a thick and a thin line if you don’t cut out the middle.

Let’s get started!

Now you can start using your new special marker to draw lines, or …

BTW: This also works with a Neuland TwinOne® as shown in the pictures below.

You need:

  • Neuland BigOne® Outliner, item no.: 8042.0010
  • Neuland TwinOne® Outliner, item no.: 8054.0010
  • Cutter, item no.: 8080.0202

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