Some 40 years ago, the German artist and cartoonist F. K. Waechter invented the game “Shnrpl” for his children book “Opa Hucke’s Mitmach-Kabinett”. You can play it alone or together with friends and family, and you only need paper and a pen.

Just draw a crumpled, not at all perfect line without any message or meaning: a doodle. Now make a figur or face out of it – it may be far from perfect, because the doodle isn’t, but it will look strange and funny.

And if you play it with more people, it’s even more fun: one doodles, the next shnrpls and so on till your paper shows lots of figures.

Play it with your children when they are bored – you’ll see, it’s perfect to end the boredom.
Just start and have fun.