We all remember the little stamps on our homework we got as a reward, or the stamp on an invitation for a garden party.
Why don’t you make your own stamp?

All you need is an eraser (or rubber), a design idea, a Neuland SketchOne, a cutter or another carving tool and an ink pad. Or a Neuland BigOne® in the color you would like your stamp to be.

First, you draw a shape on the eraser.

Then, you use the cutter to cut along the outlines and cut out or “carve” the rubber around the shape.

There you have your individual stamp!
All you need to do now is press it on the ink pad or color it with the BigOne …

… and then press it on the paper. If you want to, you can add some details on the paper with a Neuland FineOne® in another color.

ATTENTION: Please remember to write your letters mirror-inverted. And even simple shapes like triangles or dots look beautiful when they are stamped on a piece of paper.

Have fun 🙂

You need:

  • Eraser, item no.: 8060.0260 or rubber
  • Cutter, item no.: 8080.0202 or carving tool
  • Neuland SketchOne, item no.: 8035.1100
  • Postcard Set, item no.: 8027.0001 or white paper
  • Ink pad or Neuland BigOne®, black, item no.: 8042.0010
  • Neuland FineOne®, red, item no.: 8034.0200

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