“Dada is what you can make out of yourself.” —Hausmann

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Inspired by the Dada Movement that was created in Zurich in response to the first World War, immigrants from Germany and other countries against the war formed and created art to express a new way of mentality. Some of the characteristics of Dadaism included spontaneity, nonsense, and artistic freedom. It was an emotional reaction of its time. As we continue to live through a pandemic, we can find ways to practice levity to escape madness.

  • 4-2-sketch, item no.: 8030.7300
  • Variety of markers – here I filled the BigOne, TwinOne and No.One Art with custom colors I mixed: Iceland Sea and Coral Reef. You can learn more about mixing colors in the May 2020 Lettering Tips Tuesday at www.LetsLetterTogether.com.
  • Dictionary
How to Play:

Grab a dictionary or other printed bound book and choose a random page, then random word and letter it. Make the game more interesting by using a book in a different language than your native one and translate the words to create or inspire a poem. Bonus points for drawing the words.

Reflecting on the words you just wrote:

What did your words translate to?

Did you write a poem with them?

How did this exercise inspire you?

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