The visual dictionary with the funny name just keeps getting better with age! The 4th and latest bikablo® edition by Martin Haussman has taken his picture words and made them even more succinct and easy-to-draw. He fundamentally understands that pictures must communicate efficiently not only for the viewer, but for the drawer. The images in this must-have visual reference have been broken down into simpler parts, but no less recognizable. Here are a few examples of the improvements:

Page 50 from the 3rd edition of the bikablo® 1: “Animals” with the classic images of a dog, a cat, a mouse and a rabbit.


Now compare the same animals in the revised 4th edition.


One of the most popular icons is the bulb shown above in the bikablo® 1 3rd edition.


In the new version the bulb is created out of the letter shapes: U, Z, M and O – it becomes intuitive. The image becomes faster to draw and of course very recognizable!


Drawings of people in various states are very popular. Here some of them in the 3rd edition.


The subtle, but significant changes will allow you to draw faster and better in this latest version of our bestselling visual reference book.

What other people are saying about the bikablo® :

“A lot of good references. Attractive Design. And quite simple to draw on your own. I like all the good ideas inside – thank you! “

“You don’t have to be an artist to make an impression. Very useful.”

” It’s really ingenious and very helpful; particularly if you want to develop your own visual vocabulary”

“Helps to get in touch with visuals the easy way. Participants are no longer afraid to try drawing themselves during the workshop.”

“Nothing less than essential! Also, super convenient too and it fits into the Novario® CardBox! “

“Really, really, really genius. 🙂 “

“Even the non-professionals find themselves realizing they too can draw! Guarantee to surprise your participants! “

“Simply perfect! I have no artist talent at all, but my participants always like my perfect and professionally drawn designed charts. Thank you bikablo! “