Do you feel the same way? You leave the house, it’s dark and cold, it’s snowing, it’s raining and on top of that it’s storming. There is no need to bother about a nice hairdo. And summer is still so far away …

We say, it doesn’t matter. We don’t want to wait for better weather. We’re creating our own summer feeling. How? First of all, we’re mixing a nice cocktail. Now, this is really cool … with Mischen Possible!

A little excursion into German language: “Mischen” is the German word for „to mix“ and it’s pronounced „mission“.

No, this is not an invitation to jump at dizzying heights from roof to roof. With RefillOne you can easily make your own color creations. All you need are your primary colors red, yellow and blue. You can mix any other color from these three colors: greens, violets or orange hues, and you can then use black or water to make them darker or lighter.

Heather Martinez shows you how to create your own colors. And that’s a really a great tip because with this method you can try out yourself and different colors without waisting big amounts of ink.



For a more colorful life we present you a few cocktail recipes:

Olathe Corn: 6 dosing units 501 + 30 drops 704

Palisade Peach: 4 dosing units 501 + 1 dosing units 704 + 1 dosing units water

Desert Sage: 6 drops 501 + 1 drops 301 + 2 drops water + 9 drops 107

Alpine Lavender: 8 drops 704 + 4 drops 301 + 10 drops water + 20 drops 107


So grab those ink bottles and get shaking. Anyone who has created beautiful colors and would like to share them – we’re already excited to see them.
Just mix away and conjure some summer onto your paper … on this note: Cheers to summer!

PDF-Download Mixing Tips Worksheet A4 size
PDF-Download Mixing Tips Worksheet letter size

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