So, all are busy with festive preparations. One of the most difficult things for us (and every company) is the Christmas card. What should it say? Who was nice and gets one? And above all: What kind of motif is on it? For us as a comparatively small consignor it’s a bit complicated. But there are
some who have to work really hard during the holidays. They have to put all their logistics into operation and have a lot of stress, simply because it’s their peak season. After that, business is getting slower again. Which brings us back to our Christmas card. Among many designs, one was sketchnoted – It shows what’s going on at the largest global retailer:

We did not want to withhold that one from you …

Instead of straining Santa Claus once again, we will send out something very useful for 2019:

A calendar!

But one of a kind: Many friends of Neuland® have made a contribution: Brandy Agerbeck, Kelvy Bird, Birgit Smit, Sophia Liang, Diane Black, Jimi Holstebro, Renatta Algalarrondo, Margarita from pataleta, Emily Shepard, Heather Martinez, Elena Urizar, Sam Bradd … they all have sent wonderful motifs which were just as beautifully printed on four different papers – inspired by our 4-2-sketch sketchbook.

It goes out these days by mail to 30,000 recipients.

(Did we forget somebody? Hopefully it wasn’t you. Or you, or you? If so, contact us.)

We’re looking forward to Christmas.


Editorial team: Neuland®
Drawing: Thies Thiessen