Some think it’s the most wonderful time of the year, others feel like it’s the most stressful time. Our Christmas check list makes it easier for you to plan ahead and actually enjoy the holiday season.

The early bird

Every year, we plan to get all the presents asap and then we end up edging ourselves through the stores with all the other unorganized people just before Christmas again. And what does that mean? We get a present that often couldn’t be less personal. Thank God you’re reading this article just in time to switch things up this year. πŸ˜‰

Advent calendar made of postcards
Advent calendar made of individually designed postcards


Let’s start by writing down everybody you wanna give something to, some ideas and a fixed budget. Remember: Homemade Advent calendars and gifts from St. Nick should be ready in November already. When it comes to the presents you wanna put under the tree you can keep an eye out for special offers from the end of November.

Oh, and if you still need some material for your preparations, or if you wanna give yourself a treat, of course you’re always welcome to our Christmas sale. πŸ˜‰

By the way: You don’t need to buy special wrapping paper. Just take the back of some old charts and draw a few festive icons on them, or you take some filling material from your Neuland parcels. That’s sustainable and saves money.

Wrapping paper made of filling material
Filling material can be so beautiful!
Christmas wrapping made of old charts
Sustainable wrapping made of FlipChart Paper

Festival of love and joy

No wonder Christmas is the festival of love. During this time we wanna show our family and friends how important they are to us. But it’s also nice to bring joy to the people that make your everyday life easier.

But how often do the women and men who work for the postal or litter service get Hershey’s kisses with their “tip” for the year? Why don’t you take some time to create some personalized Christmas cards? People will surely be much happier about that than they are about the tenth pack of chocolate. πŸ™‚

Neuland Christmas cards
Blank postcards, Washi Tape and Neuland Markers – the only thing you need to conjure a smile on somebody’s face!

Family time

During the year we often don’t spend enough time with each other. But on Christmas we can leave everything behind and have fun like a child again: bake cookies, build a snow man, watch cheesy Christmas movies, eat pudding, drink eggnog …

So, it’s definitely worth getting everything done in time, decorate your flat and tick all the boxes on your Christmas check list. Then you can finally lay back, relax with your family and enjoy your time together. Merry Christmas!