This Christmas will probably be a little different than we imagined it to be. Many can only celebrate with a small number of people. Some might not have as much money to spend on presents. But there’s one thing we can all do to bring joy to our loved ones!

Why don’t you send a Christmas card to everyone you can’t visit this year? Or you attach the card to a small gift to show him/her how important s/he is to you.

How it’s done

First, I decided which festive images I’d like to use, such as a present, a tree and Christmas balls. Since I used the AcrylicOne for writing, I wanted to give variety to it and use Washi Tape for the images.

Here, I put the Washi Tape directly on the cards. The left one reminds me a bit on how I usually wrap my presents.

If you’re afraid of putting the tape directly on the cards, you can instead put it on another piece of paper. I used the paper that’s already included in the Postcard Set to protect the cards. Then I took some scissors to cut out the images and glued it to the card.

Tip: When it comes to small images, hole punchers in different shapes are your best friends. I always remove the plastic cover at the bottom to see which position works best.

You’ve probably got everything you need for this at home already:

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