We’ve been working on it meticulously but it was worth it. ‘Cause now we are finally able to introduce you to our new Charterobe®. You can’t imagine what that is? That’s probably because it’s one of a kind …

Obviously, everyone knows what a wardrobe is. Most people use it to hang their coats or scarves when they enter an apartment. But why? For the same reason we will automatically hang our charts onto the Charterobe® from now on. Since most of us come back from a workshop and just take the rolled FlipChart paper and place it wheresoever the other charts are stored, waiting to be never looked at again because somehow we don’t bother to unroll every single chart until we finally find the one we’re looking for. Let’s be honest: that sucks.

And that’s exactly why we’ve puzzled over this common problem for quite a while. And the Charterobe® turned out nicely, didn’t it? The neat chart archive can be placed everywhere and when you decide to turn your office into a room for guests one day, then you can simply put it somewhere else, thanks to its castors.

But how exactly does the system work? When you finally get a Charterobe® for your office or home, it’s still “empty” – makes sense. So, you first need some accessories to complete it. The best thing is to first write something on the label, or as we call it: Tag-It. Depending on how many charts you want to hang up, you will then need some ChartLoops and ChartHooks – one pair for each chart. Simply secure the rolled chart with the paracord loop. By the way: If you’re afraid of crinkling the paper when rolling it up, you can use a Neuland BigOne® as a “rolling-tool”. This way, your charts will be tight and mostly the same size.

And now comes the kicker: The ChartLoop will not only fasten your charts but also attach the Tag-It to it. So, before you tighten the cord stopper, add the Tag-It, and then use the cord stopper to pull it tight again. Next, you slide the stopper of the ChartHook through the roll. Thanks to its weight, the stopper holds the charts in place. Now, you only have to set the string to the length of the chart and tadaa… there you have it.

And before you now type in neuland.com like a wild one, we would like to mention that you are welcome to order the Tag-Its in a set of 10 if you need more of them. Pssst… they also work nicely as labels for presents, for instance. But if you order the ChartLoops, the Tag-Its are already included. And in case you were wondering how many charts fit on the Charterobe® … depending on the size, approximately 40.

Now you know everything you need to know about our new chart archive. And since this Charterobe® is one of a kind, we are always happy to receive feedback or suggestions from you. You can contact us via Facebook, Instagram or mail at [email protected]!