Create a fun door knob hanger and a set of panels with different messages for your own use or send it as a gift to family members or friends.

We will need a ChartLoop, Estatics (transparent) and AcrylicOnes . Let me show you how!

1. Prepare the ChartLoop. Pass the paracord loop through the hole in the Tag-It and secure both ends together.

2. Plan your design and draw your message on the Estatics M transparent using AcrylicOne Fine markers. Let it dry for a few seconds before applying another color or details to it. Draw as many as you’d like or need. Think about the different situations you’d need a sign throughout the day.

3. Choose the message that you need and place it on the Tag-It.

4. Hang it on the outside door knob of your room/office and share your message with everyone!

5. When is time to change the activity or you’d like to communicate that you’re available, change to a different design and update your door knob hanger.

You need:

  • ChartLoop, item no.: 0213.9003
  • Tag-It, item no.: 0213.9001
  • Estatics M, item no.: 7951.0100
  • AcrylicOne FINE, item no.: 7756.0501

On this shopping list you’ll find everything you need for your door knob hanger.

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