Maybe you have been to EuViz® in 2018 and have already bought your first Neuland ChalkOne® EuViz Edition? Lucky you! For everyone else it was time to wait: “Please be patient! It takes a while until you’ll find them in our shop!” - The ChalkOne is avialableSandra Dirks using her living room windows for a first test.

Finally the ChalkOne® arrived!

Patience is something that is not given to everyone. Nobody knows how much of it is distributed among the MarkerAddicts of the world.
Let’s find answers to these important questions:
“What will it be like now, the Neuland ChalkOne®? Which nibs are available? What will it look like? How to store it? …”
Crazy, but all these important questions need answers. In this blog post you’ll find the answers.

Coincidentally, two real material junkies met yesterday to try out the ChalkOne: Tanja Wehr and Sandra Dirks.

SD:”Tanja, after our lunch break I have a surprise. We have to move, but we do something really fun!”
TW: “What? Sports?”
SD: “Let’s call it marker sports! Right here on my big window front in the living room!”

Sandra happily dances back and forth with a small box full of markers. The perfect exercise against a proper food coma.

Marker Sports

Exercise 1: Shake, shake, shake! And again: shake, shake, shake!

Exercise 2: Put the nib on a sheet of paper: pump and pump, pump and pump. Carefully! … and three … and two … one and one. Wait, wait, the ink shows up. Pump again, stop, stop, stop. - The ChalkOne is avialable - The ChalkOne is avialable

Exercise 3: Repeat exercise 2 until the markers of all colors and sizes are ready to use.
And white and red and neon yellow. Pump, pump.
Shaking gold and silver, shaking, clacking, clacking, clacking.

And now all these three: and pink and green and nice orange. - The ChalkOne is avialable - The ChalkOne is avialable - The ChalkOne is avialable - The ChalkOne is avialable

And again pump, pump, rock turn. Err… pump, pump, wait, wait, ink runs.
Put markers on the window and start the big marker break!

That’s what it looks like - The ChalkOne is avialable - The ChalkOne is avialable

Tanja spontaneously draws a beautiful lettering with the wonderful 2-8 mm wedge nib on the patio door. - The ChalkOne is avialable - The ChalkOne is - The ChalkOne is avialable

Sandra is not squeamish and goes bold on the window with the beautiful wide 15 mm wedge nib. Bang! Really bold color joy. That’s fun!
It’s a bit strange when you switch from the flipchart to the window. You have to overcome this slippery whiteboard feeling, to get comfortable . - The ChalkOne is avialable - The ChalkOne is avialable - The ChalkOne is avialable

That’s really colorful! Rich green! Oh, orange runs out of the lettering style, because we clearly pumped too much ink into the nib. I confess: application error!

Practical tip: You can start with just a little bit of color in the nib, it should not have sucked too full, otherwise the ink runs. But: Nice Halloween effect.

Ooops, the neighbors are wondering “what is this lady doing..”. Surely Mrs Dirks is crazy. And she even calls it work 🙂 - The ChalkOne is avialable

The red one is my favorite. It’s a beautiful cherry red. A little pink is in here. Awesome. Really awesome.

Now the wipe test: - The ChalkOne is avialable - The ChalkOne is avialable

Can be easily removed with a simple kitchen towel. Even faster and better with the microfibre cleaning cloth.
If you apply the paint extra thick and remove it with a dry cloth, it will crumble down to the floor.
Sure, it’s chalk, but you can easily wipe it off, sweep it or just vacuum it. - The ChalkOne is avialable

Works really well! In one wipe it works with a damp cloth, then the chalk does not crumble on the floor.

Conclusion: This is fun and in the future I will letter some agendas simply on the window.

Practical tip: For the professional use of the ChalkOne in training, use the microfibre cleaning cloth, so that you can quickly remove your agenda after the event … it comes in handy for your corrections as well.

What will it be like now, the Neuland ChalkOne®? What nibs are available?

The ChalkOne is available in two sizes. The small size has a 2-8 mm wedge nib. The large marker has a 5-15 mm wedge nib.

Pssst! If you ask me, I am very glad that there is a wedge nib for both sizes because in my opinion the wedge nib is more variable. You can draw with it, but also write nice legible letters.

Oh… and there is something else:
The ChalkOne not only works on windows, tadaaa … as the name implies: it works also on chalkboards 🙂
It works best on the Neuland Werkwand®, because the Neuland ChalkOne® has been matched to that specific surface.

What will the ChalkOne look like? How to store it?

The big ChalkOne looks a bit like the AcrylicOne. - The ChalkOne is avialable
The ChalkOne is stored standing (with the top up) or lying, as recommended for the AcrylicOne as well. Water-based markers such as e.g. the Neuland BigOne® on the other hand is stored with the tip down. - The ChalkOne is avialable - The ChalkOne is avialable

Now, hopefully, you have all the important answers to your questions. Visit our shop, there you’ll find a few more ideas for the use of the ChalkOne.

Thank you @Tanja Wehr (Sketchnotelovers), that she attended the Marker Sports unit. - The ChalkOne is avialable

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