“Back in the days, people knew what’s good” – it’s not a coincidence that you hear this sentence pretty frequently. ‘Cause things that used to be common practice often have their comeback a few centuries later. Just as chalk and everything that goes with it. But what can you actually do with chalk?

As we all know, children have always loved chalk and never turned their backs on it. And that’s a good thing! Because in this way, they can be creative on the sidewalk or in the driveway and the rain will do the cleaning afterwards. Quite convenient, right? Ok, we have to admit that we haven’t developed an automated cleaner yet but chalk for adults is a nice start, isn’t it? At least your hands will stay clean with our version.

With our Neuland ChalkOne® you can wonderfully write and, of course, visualize on chalkboards and whiteboards. And if you love to root around for new DIY ideas, you probably already know that the ChalkOne is the perfect choice for embellishing your windows, mirrors or other smooth surfaces. So far, there’s not enough research on the variety of offbeat smooth surfaces you can use our chalk marker on. But there’s a simple way of finding out: just try it! You can always remove the ink, even when it’s already dry. And you can refill the ChalkOne, too (by the way, you can find the instructions here).

The ChalkOne comes in eight bright colors and two sizes (2-8 mm and 5-15 mm). And everything you need to know about the correct usage is already printed on the housing, so that you won’t forget it: shake, pump, draw. It is extremely important to shake the marker before using it, then wait for a couple of seconds and after that, take a piece of scrap paper, or a tissue and pump it until you see the color in the nib. That’s it! And in case you need to correct something, just take a microfiber cloth and a bit of water to remove it. Easy-peasy! Now, you only have to store the ChalkOne horizontally, and we promise that “he” will feel happy and content at your place.

As soon as you’ve once tested this marker, you probably wanna write on every smooth surface you can find. And we wouldn’t be Neuland if we hadn’t come up with a solution already. Which format do you prefer? Now, we already know that a chalkboard is perfect for the ChalkOne. Makes sense, right? In this category, we can offer you the ToolBoard, for those who need a lot of space. This is a very convenient board as you decide how it looks like. Just pick the elements you need and done! And why not do a graphic recording with chalk? Of course, another option is the classic chalkboard that will probably exist forever: our Chalk2Me. The fancy pedestrian stopper actually catches everyone’s attention and is perfectly suited for workshops or – as the name implies – to stop pedestrians. And it’s so much fun, too!

Great, now we’ve covered the large and small formats. Wait! There’s one missing. Indeed, we do have an even smaller chalkboard. Our new myWorkBoard is basically the equivalent to a sketchbook as you can transport it easily and that’s simply amazing for visualizing. No matter whether you put it on your lap on the train, use it on your desk in the office, or take it to a workshop as a tool to present ideas or take notes – the myWorkBoard is perfect for every situation. By the way: the ChalkOne writes on both sides, so you don’t necessarily need whiteboard markers if you want to save space. But now we’ve actually reached the end of our little chalk tour. And you can choose which format you like best (or which formats) – large, medium, or small. So, let your creativity run wild and get started! There’s enough space for everyone. 😉